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$ 23,000 Annual + IVA
Plan of 1GB - 25 accounts of email
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VPS Linux Basic Plan $35,000 + IVA
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Hosting Supplies


Annual + IVA
  • 1 GB Space Disc
  • 10GB Monthly Tranferencia
  • 25 accounts of email
  • Performance
Hosting Home


Annual + IVA
  • 2 GB Space Disc
  • 20GB Monthly Tranferencia
  • 30 accounts of email
  • Performance
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Standard Hosting


Annual + IVA
  • 3 GB Space Disc
  • 40GB Monthly Tranferencia
  • 40 accounts of email
  • Performance
Average Hosting


Annual + IVA
  • 4 GB Space Disc
  • 60GB Monthly Tranferencia
  • 50 accounts of email
  • Performance

Hosting plans Companies

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Annual + IVA
  • 6 GB Space Disc
  • 80 GB Monthly Tranferencia
  • 70 accounts of email
  • Performance


Annual + IVA
  • 8 GB Space Disc
  • 100 Monthly GBTranferencia
  • 100 Cuentas of email
  • Performance


Annual + IVA
  • 10 GB Space Disc
  • Limitless Monthly Tranferencia
  • Accounts of Limitless email
  • Performance


Annual + IVA
  • 15 GB Space Disc
  • Limitless Monthly Tranferencia
  • Accounts of Limitless email
  • Performance

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It is why we helped you in all the process without no additional cost. Simply to contract the service, with your accesses to cpanel we can migrate the 100% of your data.

Advantages To contract with Us


Datacenter in Chile regulates TIA942 level Tier 3


High guaranteed Availability of 99%


We have but of 15 years of experience in the heading

Operational continuity

Datacenter with operational continuity energetics, UPS and batteries


Technical support technical certificate in cPanel & salts


Stable servers of last generation with system of endorsements

OpenSuse Community
OpenSuse Community

HostingNIC is a company of VPS hosting that from 1999 gives to service of lodging Web hosting in Chile. We have other services to disposition such as Development and design Web, cars of purchase, hosting compatible with webpay, private servant virtual VPS and Servers also Dedicated Servers for portals or great websites, in our datacenter we can lodge own servers meaning that brings its servant to HostingNIC to be rackearlo in our Datacenter. Our service is given with lodged servers of completes technology in datacenter of prestige in Chile level type TIER III. We count on the endorsement of thousands of clients of all the areas such as Health, Education, great governmental companies and. What is best hosting in Chile? , we think that our company is since tells it on a stop uptime and personnel enabled in the areas of servers and also guaranteed by cPanel obtaining recognized international Certifications altogether with datacenter of prestige turns us into the best supplier of hosting in Chile, for this reason our clients


The personnel of technical support has stop knowledge in technologies of the information, with coarse knowledge in area of servers. Estan professionally enabled with specializations in the corresponding areas and also certificates by cPanel. The Support is given by 3 ways, through Chat online, e-mail and by telephone means without using systems of tickets but a direct and effective attention, this area is trained to as much give to solution to consultations of adverbance sales and after-sales attention that has characterized to us in our heading of hosting in Chile.


Datacenter where our Servers lodge Our company has its servers lodged in Racks dedicated in datacenter of world-wide class of level type TIER III, with anti-fire system, generator ELT, batteries of UPS endorsement, constant environmental control, connects duplicate and energy duplicated in N+1 engineering, system of monitoring of datacenter the 24 hours as thus also guards 24x7 with to contacts only authorized access biometric and restricted, that is to say our company of Hosting, Servers and Development Web invests in technology so that ours uptime and technological efficiency are the endorsement so that the services give a optimum operation.


The service of Hosting that gives our company is compatible with programmings flash, HTML, php, asp, with data bases MySQL and data bases SQL Server. We as much have plans for basic websites and service of plans also premium mail with 25 squares as for companies with majors resources of space in disc as creation of data bases and post-office boxes. Nevertheless as much the Plans Person as the Plans Company enjoy the same quality on watch with high levels of uptime, system antiSpam.


The virtual Private Servers or VPS are the suitable service for portals that need but resources but that they do not wish to invest in a dedicated Servant. It is a optimum service for portals with greater traffic or consumption of CPU and/or RAM, in these cases the clients choose to contract to this service that is to say, an individual service of hosting and she does not share the resources with other clients


We have Dedicated Servers to our clients who wish to have their domain in individual form in a Servant destined exclusively to satisfy their necessity. These servers are of complete technology and allow to give optimum resources. These servers are lodged in our datacenter with technology of end, biometric security of access and guards the 24 hours of the day. These servers give themselves in leasing modality or of purchase, thus also you can bring your servant until our company, of that way she will have the security that their data will be in an appropriate and effective place.

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