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What is the service of Web hosting?

The service of Hosting implies the rent of a space in the rigid disk of a servant connected directly to the network of Internet to lodge its website. Whichever better he is the servant where you lodge his webpage you will on the Web benefit with majors benefits and better response time from his site towards his visitors. OpenSuse, has servers of last generation connected directly to backbone of Internet through multiple superfluous lines assuring an optimal level yield.

Where located physically are the servers of OpenSuse Community?

The servers are located in Chile, in a Datacenter of completes generation with the maximum levels of security and tolerance of faults, elevated floors on, control of temperature and humidity, detection and fire extinguishing, permanent monitoring and video camaras 24horas x 365 days, tolerant network to faults with superfluous, generating bonds of electricity superfluous, we administered hosting from Chile, in Av. 099 Manuel Montt 203 Office 203 Office Comunia de Providencia. Place where you can visit to us personally.

Do You sell Domains?

If we registered extension domains (com/net/org). Contact to us to [email protected] for greater information.

I can lodge all type of Domains in his servers?

If, you can lodge any type of domain of first existing level around the world.

What are and which are the DNS of Web Hosting?

DNS (Domain name server): Servant of names. He solves the names of domains indicating in that IP is located.

They are the following:









What is the Propagation of the DNS?

The propagation is the time during which the information of its DNS is recognized by the different ISP. This process can take between 24 - 48 hours.

To what they talk about when they say that the allowed Monthly Transference in a plan is of 1GB, 2GB or 3GB?

The transference talks about to the amount of information (traffic) that it sends and it receives his website. This means that for example within our Basic Plan you will be able to show pages with up to 1 GB of transference the month without additional costs. In order to occur to an idea, if each visitor who enters to see pages in his Web it deals in average 100 Kb, this means that you will be able to have 1.000.000 1GB = Kb/100kb= 10,000 visits to the month in average without additional costs.

What happens when it is exceeded the assigned Transference does count?

As soon as the limit of Transference is exceeded assigned to its account, him that we will assign to the brevity Megabyte to him of additional Transference and we will inform to him into it so that You can pay them. It could be controlling the Transference consumed through Control Panel of his account and to ask for the additional one when it creates it advisable.

What happens when the Disc Space of my account is exceeded?

If the used disc space exceeds to the assigned one, you will have to acquire Megabyte additional, that was assigned to their Plan.

I can change of supplier of Hosting when it wishes without problems?

By all means, at any time it can decide not to renew the service of Hosting with us and to change to another supplier.

What type of support offers OpenSuse Community?

We offer Technical support (Monday through Friday 9AM to 6PM) and the 365 days of the year via E-mail: [email protected]

Support of Monday through Friday 08:00 a.m. until 19:00 p.m.

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