• The plan of managed vps hosting chooses that but accommodates to him. Hosting Linux Person - Hosting Linux Company.

• It clicks in Contracting.

• The information enters that the form that it asks for to him.

• It waits for some moments while the system activates its account automatically.

• It will receive an e-mail of indications and keys of the service.

• It will receive a second e-mail with the information necessary to cancel.

• It knows next the forms and places payment.

Once cancelled it must make us the notification of his I deposit through our webpage or sending the proof of payment to the [email protected] email, it remembers that the system is automatic and spent the ten days that it gives him of term to cancel automatically suspends the services if does not exist a notification of payment.

If it has some doubt on the matter can call to us to 02 - 2244 3030 or to our [email protected] email